About Bluebox™

Bluebox is one of the worlds most innovative copies that started with Ty Max and Bryan Michael. The journey these two guys has traveled is amazing coupled with tragedy and triumph. The determination that has carried them through some difficult times has proven to be a story with-in itself. Bluebox entertainment has recently added to the already heavy list of productions, fashion. Teaming up with one of the leading agents, Thomas Zeumer has really begun to change the industry in ways never thought possible. Director Bryan Michael has filmed some of the worlds reastest celebrities, actors, pastors, etc. There is no telling what these two guys will come up with next.



It’s no secret anymore the number of people Bryan Michael & Ty Max has helped behind the scenes. With his humble spirit and un matched production skills, Ty has taken Bluebox places only dreamed of by many. His stick to-it-ness has gotten Bluebox the kind of exposure needed to sustain in the new digital era. As a producer, engineer, writer, editor and graphic design artist, its no wonder Bluebox is attracting global attention.





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