Rules & Prizes

Rules are pretty straight forward. No one from Bluebox™ can be a family member in this contest. Photos must be owned by you. Photos will only be accepted (no video). Good Image quality is recommended for higher success rate.

How we choose

Bluebox lets the general audience choose the winners of the contest. Online voting ensures everyone has a chance to succeed and gain massive exposure. Votes can come in up to the day before contest ends.

Bluebox's commitment


  • Create ways to expose more artist.
  • Create level playing fields.
  • Become a gateway to stardom.
  • Help models, actors, actresses.
  • Help producers and designers.
  • Help writers and creators.
  • Help musicians and entertainers.
  • Help models achieve and succeed..
  • Access to the tools needed.
  • Expose the determined at heart.
  • Create opportunities for artist.
  • Be true to the art fashion music and film.