About Bbe™

Bluebox is one of the world's most innovative companies that started with Ty Max and Bryan Michael. The journey these two guys has traveled is amazing; coupled with tragedy and triumph. The determination that has carried them through some difficult times has proven to be a story with-in itself. Bluebox Entertainment has recently added a heavy list of productions, and fashion. Teaming up with one of the leading agents, Thomas Zeumer has really begun to change the fashion industry in a very innovative way. Director Bryan Michael has filmed some of the world's top celebrities, actors, pastors, etc. There is no telling what these two guys will come up with next.

It's no secret anymore the number of people Bryan Michael & Ty Max has helped behind the scenes. With their humble spirit and un-matched production skills, Ty has taken Bluebox places only many have dreamed of.  His relentlessness and stick to-it-ness has gotten Bluebox the kind of exposure and notariety needed to sustain competitiveness in the new digital era. As a producer, engineer, writer, editor and graphic design artist, it's no wonder Bluebox is attracting global attention.

Both Ty and Bryan share very similar up bringing as they both have pastoral pastor parents. Often known as PK kids, carried a lot of stuff... These two manage to obtain a well balance of spirituality and real life scenarios. That's what makes this company so uniqe in its own right. Since 2000 Bluebox has helped countless people including stars, actors, actresses, Bishops, Pastors, celebrities, recording artist, record labels, record producers, and on and on. Known for its humble approach and dominating productions skills. Bluebox is hot and here to stay as their legacy improves and continues.

Bluebox Entertainment is expanding in 2017 to the Fashion industry with Z Management. Thomas Zeumer is known for creating top model stars. Bluebox and Z Management will no doubt shake up the industry, as these two innovative companies open the gateway for people to come from all over the world.

Bluebox covers the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry as producers of music, film, video, media content, music recording albums, studio installation and consultation, sound system installation, video system integration and installation, digital editing, audio engineering and graphic design. Notable celebrities are too many to list, visit the gallery for more info. But just to name a few like Faith Evans, Lisa Lopes, LaShun Pace, Freddie Jackson, Millie Jackson, Noel Jones and so many others. Bbe motto is everyone has something to contribute in the form of a talent, or skill. Find that nitch and ride it all the way home.

This year Bluebox Entertainment plans to start looking for a location to expand their production facilities and movie house productions. From soundstage to model runways, digital pro and post production studios, live TV, etc. Visit the new digital radio station (BlueRadio) for all type of exciting and need to know news, real talk, celebrities, music, announcements and more.